Mike Harnett

Mike graduated with honors from William Jewell College. After working in the technology field for Sprint, TechSystems, and H&R Block, joining CEI in 2002. With extensive experience leading agile software projects that meet the complex demands of the Construction and Telecom industries.

Posts By Mike Harnett

How Software Integrations Avoid Inherent Limitations to Your WPS

Fabrication Management   |      21, Apr 2022

How Software Integrations Improve Welding Cost Estimation

Fabrication Management   |      23, Mar 2022

Free Welding Symbols Utility For All Common Types Of Welds

Blog Weld Procedure   |      18, Sep 2018

5 Critical Pressure Vessel Design Software Benefits!

Blog Pressure Vessel Design   |      15, May 2018

For Safety & Code Compliance - Use ASME Pressure Vessel Software!

Blog Pressure Vessel Design   |      09, May 2018

ASME Pressure Vessel Design Software - 3 Key Questions Answered

Blog Pressure Vessel Design   |      04, May 2018

What’s New at this Mid-West ASME Code Compliance & PVPT Design Softwar...

Blog   |      20, Feb 2018

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