You need solutions you can trust, every time. Designed by engineers, DesignCalcs, ProWrite and Finglow provide industry-leading software platforms for code compliance, safety and documentation efficiency.

Designers & Engineers

Optimize Projects with Productivity & Accuracy

Replace your hand or spreadsheet pressure vessel calculations with software proven to rapidly produce prototypes and final design calculations based on the major international safety codes. Generate reliable reports that include the actual calculation and references from the code book with DesignCalcs. Quickly compare multiple international codes with our Finglow application.

As a designer and engineer, you understand the importance of producing high-quality and timely work, which is why you need software as efficient as you are. DesignCalcs and Finglow were expertly designed for you. Our software applications seamlessly calculate and document your designs for code compliance through intuitive step by step design flow, built-in libraries, and reporting capabilities designed for cost-effective fabrication and audit compliance.

Fabrication shop

Quality assurance isn‘t just an option, it’s an expectation

ProWrite provides you easy to read and consistent welding procedure specification documents so your welders can produce quality work that is following code.

ProWrite tracks your welder’s qualifications and their continuity to help you stay organized. With our software, you won’t miss any expirations or incur expensive qualifications.


Manage Industry Welder Requirements with Ease

If you are in charge of quality control or do the welding inspections for your company, ProWrite simplifies the creation of welding procedure documents and allows you to store and access all of your documents and welders in one place.

Provide the fabrication shop read-only access or set up workflows to allow multiple users to be responsible for their part of the process. ProWrite makes it easy to find your documents.

Insurance & Authorization Inspector

Minimize Risk & Speed Calculation Review

Demonstrate full-pressure vessel design and manufacturing code compliance for insurance, legal and risk reduction requirements. You can be assured that our calculations match the code books. We provide access to code-book references along with the actual references to calculations. We provide PTB-4 reference designs so you can check our calculations directly to the code book. Save time from doing the calculations by hand or keeping a spreadsheet with up-to-date with code changes.


Invest in the Future of Engineering and Management

Whether you are keeping track of your students’ certifications, writing procedures, designing vessels for local businesses, or teaching your students how to write procedures and double check their pressure vessel calculations to make sure they are meeting code, we can customize a cost-effective package for your needs.