Mike Clark, PE

Mike earned his BSME and EIT in 2003 and gained his license in 2008. He has been actively involved with the ASME BPV code since 2004. At CEI, he is the lead advocate for DesignCalcs where he draws on his engineering background, code connections, and consulting experience to direct the software development and to explain the nuts and bolts of pressure vessel design.

Posts By Mike Clark, PE

Qualifying Tube-to-Tubesheet Weld Procedures: A Look at ASME IX

Weld Procedure Code Compliance   |      04, Apr 2023

Load Case Combinations for Pressure Equipment

Pressure Vessel Design Code Compliance   |      01, Mar 2023

An Overview of 2021 ASME Section VIII Code Changes

Code Updates   |      12, Jan 2022

Cone to Cylinder Calculations – 2021 ASME Section VIII Code Changes

Code Updates   |      10, Jan 2022

Appendix 47 & ASME Section VIII-1 2021 Code Changes: A Path to Complia...

Code Updates   |      18, Nov 2021

Using Software for Pressure Vessel Design Procedures and Tracking

Pressure Vessel Design Fabrication Management   |      03, Aug 2021

Q4 2019 ASME Update: SGD, SGHTE, & U-2(g) Committees

Blog Code Updates   |      24, Dec 2019

U2G Changes Allow ASME VIII Div 2 To Fill Gaps In ASME Div 1 BPVC

Blog Pressure Vessel Design Code Updates   |      16, Sep 2019

ASME BPVC 2019 Code Change Gives Design Guidance with Revised U-2(g)

Blog   |      02, Sep 2019

Do Pressure Vessel Design Codes Require Charpy Impact Test?

Blog Weld Procedure Pressure Vessel Design   |      25, Sep 2018

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