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Q4 2019 ASME Update: SGD, SGHTE, & U-2(g) Committees

The week of Halloween we were in Atlanta for ASME meetings, we attended SGD and the TG on U-2(g) on Tuesday.

Sat at the table for SGHTE on Wed (I am secretary and Tiradej also has a seat) and listened in on BPV VIII interpretations as well.

On Thursday Tiradej attended BPV VIII

Q4 2019 ASME Update: SGD, SGHTE, & U-2(g) Committees     Q4 2019 ASME Update: SGD, SGHTE, & U-2(g) Committees


Items of note from SGD Committee:

  • expect some changes in the 2021 code for the Division 2 nozzle rules.
  • expect some changes in 2021 for Jacket penetration rules
  • expect some changes in 2021 for Appendix 1-5 and 1-8 cone to cylinder equations.

Also, there was debate about the definition of nominal in UW-16 in terms of whether it means corroded or new nominal.  Good thing DC allows for details to be done in the New, Corroded, or both conditions.


Items of note from U-2(g Committee):

The group is being disbanded as it has met the goals of it's charter.

One big item of note is record 12-310 which looks to be published in 2021. It will start adding requirements for the qualification of vessel designers for Division 1 and also includes some language for the validation of design tools, like DesignCalcs.  I think this will be a big deal.


Explore Pressure Vessel Design Software for PD5500, EN 13445, ASME Section VIII, Div 1 & 2.


Items of note from SGHTE committee:

Section VIII may change it's language to require Tube to Tubesheet qualification per QW-193 in Section IX.  If you are not using QW-193, you may need to requalify.

The group is working hard to expand the rules to include more channel shapes like cones and ellipses.


Items of note from Section 9’s SGR Committee:

Revision of Article V, QW-500 – Amendments to SWPSs - correcting the welding positions permitted for the E70T-1 electrode and deleting all references to ASME S-Numbers.

Group Qualification of Welding/Brazing/Fusing Procedures - This item revises the Code to allow organizations to collaborate on the qualification of joining procedures with the personnel supervising these qualifications meeting the competence requirements of QG-106(b).

Revision of Figure QW-462.3(a) - This item revises Figure QW-462.3(a) to allow thicknesses less than 1/16 inch.


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Written by Mike Clark, PE

Mike earned his BSME and EIT in 2003 and gained his license in 2008. He has been actively involved with the ASME BPV code since 2004. At CEI, he is the lead advocate for DesignCalcs where he draws on his engineering background, code connections, and consulting experience to direct the software development and to explain the nuts and bolts of pressure vessel design.

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