Antonio Howard

With his education in applied mathematics, engineering, and computer science, Antonio is a valuable part of the CEI team, ensuring that ASME and AWS code changes are reflected in the ProWrite platform. As an AWS Certified Associate Welding Inspector, he has the perfect insight to understand the day to day needs of users in the Fabrication shop.

Posts By Antonio Howard

How Software Increases Welding Process Efficiency!

Blog Publications ProWrite   |      25, Sep 2018

Use E Signatures for Digital Security in Welding Documents

Blog ProWrite   |      10, Sep 2018

What is a WPQ and why is it important?

Blog ProWrite   |      31, May 2018

What is a PQR and why is it important?

Blog ProWrite   |      30, May 2018

What is a WPS and why is it important?

Blog ProWrite   |      29, May 2018

5 Software Strategies to Increase Welding Process Efficiency

Blog Webinars ProWrite   |      01, May 2018

National Welding Month: Is Welding An Art or a Science?

Blog Webinars ProWrite   |      02, Apr 2018

ASME Weld Number Tables – P number base &  F number filler

Blog ProWrite   |      19, Feb 2018

4 Key Steps to Match a Welding Filler Metal to a Base Metal

Blog ProWrite   |      16, Feb 2018

Explore the 2020 edition covering pressure vessel and heat exchanger design guidelines and resources.



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