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What is a PQR and why is it important?

The American Welding Society states that before a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) can be drafted, a preliminary set of procedures and materials must be established.

This initial procedure is used to create a series of welds, which are then tested to ensure they meet applicable requirements.




The procedures for creating and testing the sample welds, as well as the final results, are documented on a Procedure Qualification Record, or PQR. If the test results are acceptable, the PQR is approved and can then serve as the foundation on which one or more WPS's are drafted.

In short, a PQR serves as evidence that a given WPS can, in fact, be used to produce an acceptable weld. 

Code Compliant Filler Metals


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Written by Antonio Howard

With his education in applied mathematics, engineering, and computer science, Antonio is a valuable part of the CEI team, ensuring that ASME and AWS code changes are reflected in the ProWrite platform. As an AWS Certified Associate Welding Inspector, he has the perfect insight to understand the day to day needs of users in the Fabrication shop.

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