DesignCalcs: 2023.1.0.6540 Release

The following features are available with the 2023.1.0.6540 Release of DesignCalcs:
  • Improvements have been made to the drawing of lifting lugs on ASME F&D and Torispherical
  • DesignCalcs now supports the option to customize the wind and seismic load case descriptions
    as well as the multipliers on the dead load, the wind load, the horizontal seismic load and the
    vertical seismic load. This applies to a multitude of design scenarios including
    the use of ASME BPV VIII, Division 2 load case multipliers and third party spec requirements on

    For specific guidance regarding load case combinations for pressure equipment, read our latest blog from our lead designer, here.
  • The DesignCalcs export to Autodesk Inventor has been expanded to include Flat Heads, ASME
    F&D Heads and Ellipsoidal Heads.

    If you're needing to expedite or enhance your solid or 3D modeling that's up-to-code, consider our latest integration with Autodesk Inventor. To learn more, click here.

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