DesignCalcs: 2022.11.0.6323 Release

The following features are available with the 2022.11.0.6323 Release of DesignCalcs:


  • DesignCalcs now supports lifting lugs on heads for the following head types:

    • Hemispherical

    • Torispherical

    • ASME F&D

    • Ellipsoidal

  • The seismic inputs for Fa and Fv now determine seismic loads based on the user input or the greater of the values from the Seismic tables. Previously, these inputs were only used to fill in gaps in the building codes for the more severe site classes E and F where the values were not provided. Therefore, the Fa and Fv values for vessels patched with older versions of DesignCalcs are now set to zero for site classes A, B, C and D as well as new vessels; values from older versions are set for site classes E and F. DesignCalcs uses the greater of the input or values determined by the tables in the building codes. This update affects building codes for 1998 and later.

  • DesignCalcs now includes ASME B16.11 2021 code changes.

  • DesignCalcs now exports to Autodesk Inventor.
With our latest integration with Autodesk Inventor, you can export a vessel file created in DesignCalcs into Autodesk Inventor to advance your 3D or solid model. To learn more, click here.



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