DesignCalcs: 2023.5.0.6912 Release

The following features are available with the 2023.5.0.6912 Release of DesignCalcs:


  • DesignCalcs now supports wind and seismic calculations for several additional building codes, like:
    • CBC 2016

    • CBC 2019

    • CBC 2022

    • IBC 2018

    • IBC 2021

    • ASCE 7-22 (excludes seismic)

  • You can now enter orthogonal loading values for both wind and seismic cases simultaneously. 

  • DesignCalcs now supports a general stress check on the pressure envelope for vertical vessels supported by Support Lugs and Support Rings. This includes consideration for internal pressure/vacuum, weight, horizontal wind, horizontal and vertical seismic cases.

  • The hydrostatic test condition now includes the option to limit Pm to 0.9Sy. When this is checked, primary tensile stress checks in the Zick Analysis, Tower Analysis, Leg, Lug and Support Ring calculations for the pressure envelope is compared against max(S , 0.9Sy)E instead of SE. “E” represents the girth seam efficiency and “S” represents the allowable stress at ambient. The “Sy” represents the yield at ambient temperature. Ambient is assumed to be 70 °F (20 °C).

  • DesignCalcs now supports the ability to export lifting lug designs in NozzlePRO. Type 1 and Type 2 lifting lugs can be exported for hosts that are cylindrical shells, hemispherical heads, ellipsoidal heads, ASME F&D and torispherical heads. This supports the option with or without repads.

NozzlePRO from Paulin Research Group is a powerful 3D modeling tool designed to evaluate nozzles, saddles, pipe shoes and clips on a variety of head and shell types including spherical, elliptical, ASME, dished, cylindrical and conical. To learn more about our integration with NozzlePRO, click here.


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