Nozzle FEA has never been easier

NozzlePRO is a powerful and fast 3D modeling tool designed to quickly and easily evaluate nozzles, saddles, pipe shoes, and clips on a variety of head and shell types including spherical, elliptical, ASME, dished, cylindrical and conical.

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NozzlePRO Vessel Link enables geometry, material & load data import from Codeware® COMPRESS and other pressure vessel design software solutions.

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Powerful API Integrations to Help You Do More with Less

  • Full Nozzles through Blind Flanges in Axisymmetric and Brick Models
  • Double Bed Support
  • Axisymmetric Horizontal Vessel with Saddles
  • Steady State and Transient Heat Transfer for Axisymmetric 2D Elements
  • Head Thickness Contours


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NozzlePRO Contains the Following Modules:


Detailed Material Database MatPRO


API579 Fitness-for-Service


High Temperature Creep-Fatigue Interaction (ASME Section III Subsection NH)


FE107 and FESIF


Improved SIF Calculation per ST-LLC 07-02 PRG/ASME report

NozzlePRO Vessel Link is now available through CEI

NozzlePRO is now backed and supported by CEI, the industry leader in pressure equipment design, welding documentation, craftworker management, fabrication operations, and workflows. Not only will you continue to enjoy the same NozzlePRO software trusted by the piping & pressure vessel community, but you’ll also experience seamless and native integration with other CEI products like DesignCalcs and Finglow*.

With Paulin Research Group joining the CEI software family, all PRG products now have access to increased capital and a long-term vision for product success.

If you are a current CEI or PRG customer with further questions, feel free to contact us for prompt support.

*Finglow support coming soon