How to Manage Your Shop Floor with ProWrite

Managing an entire factory of craftworkers with different certifications, skills and specialties can become time-consuming and challenging to keep track of in one place. And if your factory floor includes welders from different companies, ensuring that their PQRs, WPSs and WPQs link back to their company information can be a hassle.

Without some kind of system in place, managing your welders and their projects for optimal organization, compliance and efficiency can be a nightmare.

In this blog, we’ll share some insight into how digitizing your factory floor can help you optimize your shop for optimal efficiency.

How the Use of Digitized Welding Features Can Save You Time & Money

Have you ever been in a situation where you've had a list of projects pushing the deadline and a group of welders ready to complete the work, but you were unsure if they were certified to do the job? At the enterprise level, managing this process manually is difficult. And often, things can slip by and valuable time and money are wasted.

What if for every weld procedure you needed to complete, you had a way to view every qualified welder, their WPQ and their WPS information in one place? Assigning those welds to qualified welders with certainty becomes a little easier.

Digitizing some of these manual processes can become vital for the success of your weld procedure tasks and operations.

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How to Maximize Your Shop Floor Management Skills at the Enterprise Level

When you're working at the enterprise level and your welders and their WPSs come from different company sectors and backgrounds, ensuring each welder's PQRs or WPQs include accurate information can be disrupted by human error.

What's more, filing and sorting welding documentation by company and welder so that you can access the information you need quickly takes time if you're managing all of this manually or on paper. It's like herding cats, which if you haven't seen the latest on YouTube, is nearly impossible.

But is there a way to avoid this nightmare? Is digitization the best solution in terms of weld procedure management? The answer may all depend on the digitization you're already using.

Some companies have “digitized” their welding fabrication documentation only to still have trouble managing their welders, especially at the enterprise level.

And, depending on how far along you're in the production process, automation like a single source of truth for your welding documentation, welder and security grouping by certification or by company, can end up saving you lots of time.

Take Back Control of Your Shop Floor with ProWrite

So if you're finding yourself in situations where your production time is slowed down from herding your welders and their documentation like someone would a litter of kittens, digitization is arguably the easiest solution.

In the latest release of ProWrite, welder features are readily available to help you keep track of the welders, their certifications and the projects they're qualified to work on. 

For example, ProWrite's Welder Information Sheet (WIS) lets you create a simple sheet you can hand off to your welders so they can describe the welding information they need to perform a weld on a job in a few short clicks. And this sheet automatically pulls in their WPSs information and stores it in one place so that you can search and manage this information with a few clicks in the software.

Additionally, the best digitization efforts come when all your software is integrated. With our Fabrication Manager software, you can do just that.

So, if you're experiencing welder management pain points in your shop, see if digitizing your factory floor can help. Schedule a call with us today and experience a demo of what CEI’s software solutions can do for you.

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