An Integrated Fabrication Management Solution

Standardize and automate welding projects with ease when you rely on CEI’s powerful fabrication management platform. Take advantage of customizable solutions to help you save time,  maximize efficiency and ensure consistency.

CEI’s software is highly flexible and integrates easily into your current tech stack to ensure maximum  return on your investment.

  • Document/Drawing Management
  • ERP/Resource Management
  • Scheduling
  • Workflows/APIs

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CEI Fabrication Manager

WeldPDS, WeldERP & WeldLogistics

Want to learn more about how all these components work together? Download this helpful resource and have your horizon broadened by learning about all of the benefits a fully digitized system for welding design and fabrication can do for your business.

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Powerful API Integrations to Help You Do More with Less

Integrate your existing point solutions such as ProWrite, DesignCalcs, Finglow, and other solutions to sync the latest up-to-date technical data into the system and out to your team.

Over time Fabrication Manager learns what works best and what produces non-conformities or exceeds timelines. It will suggest best-case alternatives, for example moving a craftworker to a critical path, or using a better WPS which may lead to higher quality or welder qualification extension and results in earlier completion date.

Using the design data to build out a task list, and the craftworker availability and compensation data to determine your certification needs, you can confidently estimate the cost of a project.

Use the Gantt chart to build and visualize the best method to completion. Adapt to changing craft worker situations by reassigning parts to the available crew.

Changing schedules are common, with Fabrication Manager you can adjust on-demand with current staffing availability.


Reduce Workload & Avoid Redundant Work

Save Time

Save Time & Increase Process Efficiency

Profitable Workflows

Ensure More Profitable Workflows

Integrate Data

Integrate Data with Confidence & Ease

Customizable Software, Agile Enough For Your Unique Business Needs

When it comes to pressure equipment design and fabrication, you should always know what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it, and who’s qualified to get the job done.

But this level of efficiency can be challenging without the right fabrication management tool.

Our solutions are best delivered when integrated with your existing systems. Whether that’s one of the big ERP’s like SAP/Oracle or a simple Sharepoint integration, we are able to customize to meet your needs. Adopting an integrated solution for your organization does not have to be a lift-and-shift operation but a seamless transition into your current workflows.


A documentation and drawing management system specifically designed for companies in the Pressure Equipment Design and Fabrication industry.

Deliver the right documents and drawings, the correct revision, and certification status to your foremen, engineers, craftworkers, insurance companies, and subcontractors on-demand in real-time to all their devices and with confidence.


Resource Planning intentionally designed for the Pressure Vessel and Piping Design and Fabrication industry. The system will help you automatically extract critical data from vessel and piping designs including joints and welds (including root/fill/cover layers), the assignment of craftworkers for key tasks like fit-up, tack weld, NACE compliant coating applications, inspections, and the automatic establishment of hold points.


API level systems designed to streamline your use of our PDS and ERP solutions or to integrate our products with your existing workflows and backend software systems extending their usability.

WeldAI scores procedures, welders, joints, & welds providing key insights to help you optimize the workload. The service also monitors and provides feedback on nonconformities and creates a CQI feedback loop with key timing information around each resource and its impact on your schedule.

WeldBlockchain provides an auditable record of
"chain of custody" and key data around the projects, craftworkers, materials, and deliverables up from your factory floor and field (including from subcontractors) to your management team and out to your customers.

Never get held back by switching costs


Our powerful API integrations can be customized to fit your company’s unique needs to ensure you get the biggest return on your investment. Our solution is designed to be compatible with the software you’re already using, so you never have to worry about high switching costs or painful integrations.

Whether your company has already digitized with an ERP solution, or you’re still using MS Excel or pen and paper, CEI’s fabrication management solution will help you gain the efficiency you need while increasing safety and compliance across your production environment.