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Use eSignatures for Digital Security in Welding Documents

eSignatures are legally valid and enforceable in nearly every industrialized country around the world. Creating a secure password protected e signature can help automate a traditionally time-consuming paper-based process.

Use E Signatures for Digital Security in Welding Documents

Why use an eSignature?

  1. Creates confidence that only authorized persons are signing documents.
  2. Restricts signature authority to a nominated person, using password protection for security.
  3. Documents an audit trail with fast, documentation of who signed what and when.
  4. Can create time-saving for bulk signing or un-signing of weld documents.

An eSignature includes an image (Jpeg, Bitmap or PNG) of the signer's handwritten signature and is intended to serve as the signer's authentication of the document. ProWrite welding documentation software, illustrated here, allows quick upload of an electronic signature that can be stored in the database and associated with a security account. This approach allows the rapid signing of PQRs, WPQs, and WPSs.

Use E Signatures for Digital Security in Welding Documents

Digital security features must be enabled with an e signature that is added into the documentation software. There should be passwords and pins that must be entered before a signature is added to a document. In ProWrite welding software, once a signature has been added to a document, the document may no longer be edited.

To edit the document, the signature must be removed before data can again be modified on the document. The reason for this approach is the authorizing signature is the final step in the documentation that locks the document. There is no possibility of changes being made without the authorizing signator knowing.

Use E Signatures for Digital Security in Welding Documents

ProWrite also provides defined user permissions as part of this secure signing capability, so that specific document types might be restricted to signing by specific staff.

Use E Signatures for Digital Security in Welding Documents

Signature ID: should be used to determine which signature should be added to the document. Enter/Change PIN Number: Click this button to enter a PIN (personal identification number) to protect the signature, or to change an already selected PIN.

An example of a signature block:

Use E Signatures for Digital Security in Welding Documents

Signatures can be Bulk modified/removed via Tools → Settings, Signatures (tab), Update (button for a given document type).

Use E Signatures for Digital Security in Welding Documents

Use E Signatures for Digital Security in Welding Documents

Unsigning a document can be done by opening the document and selecting Unsign. This removes all signatures from the document. The PIN must be known for each signature to resign the document.

For a quick 90 second review of how this works effortlessly in ProWrite just watch the following video…



If you’d like to test e signatures with ProWrite, simply hit the following button to download the software and activate a trial license.

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Written by Antonio Howard

With his education in applied mathematics, engineering, and computer science, Antonio is a valuable part of the CEI team, ensuring that ASME and AWS code changes are reflected in the ProWrite platform. As an AWS Certified Associate Welding Inspector, he has the perfect insight to understand the day to day needs of users in the Fabrication shop.

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