ProWrite: 2023.10.0.5814 Release


In the 2023.10.0.5814 release of ProWrite, the following features are available for customers:


2023 ASME Section IX code updates have been added to the latest version of ProWrite:

  • A new option for the 2023 code year is now available in all documents within the software.

  • The 2023 base and filler materials have been added to the Base Metal database within the software.

  • The passes per side variable requirements and the current/polarity variable requirements for supplementary essential and nonessential variable situations depending on meeting certain criteria have been adjusted in the software.

  • A restriction has been added so that WPQs limit 1 process per each fillet weld qualification; groove welds can still qualify 1-3 processes as per the code update.

  • The ASME Section VIII and Section IX PWHT Hold Times Notes have been updated to account for the changes to Section VIII.

  • The essential variable requirement on F-No. for corrosion-resistant overlay has been removed in the software.

  • The nonessential variable requirement for transfer mode for GMAW and FCAW documents has been added.

  • The bead width field on PQRs and WPSs has been added and can now be documented for essential variable requirements.

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