DesignCalcs: 2023.6.0.7049 Release

The following features are available with the 2023.6.0.7049 Release of DesignCalcs:


  • DesignCalcs now supports seismic calculations for ASCE 7-22 (or the American Society of Civil Engineers).
  • The hydrostatic test condition in the software now offers the option to use the greater of the calculated test pressure or the design pressure.

  • The hydrostatic test condition in the software now automatically calculates the static head from water in the installed orientation. This static head is added to the pressure the user selects for the test condition.

  • CEI now has a single-source-of-truth JSON file format that allows CEI products like DesignCalcs to have seamless integrations with other design and FEA software products and their features like Finglow and the Paulin Research Group (PRG) suite. This is still in active development and will be expanded in future releases.


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