ProWrite: 2023.1.0.5207 Release


In the 2023.1.0.5207 release of ProWrite, the following features are available for customers:


  • The Modifying Support PQR/BPQR option has been added to the Security window so users can modify a supporting PQR/BPQR with ease.
  • The following updates were made in the Security Window, which enhances an admin user’s security settings so that their company’s data is protected:
    • The Hide non-approved Entities checkbox can now only be selected by an admin user.
    • Admin users can now set a document or entity to an Approved Status from the Meta Data tab.
    • A Require Signature(s) to approve field has been created to allow approved users to sign an entity state.
If you manage a shop floor or a group of welders, you may benefit from these latest security settings that are specifically made for Quality Control Managers, CWIs and admins. Click here to learn more.


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