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The Design & Welding Industry’s Digital Shift: Design, Welding, & Fab. Software

As a pressure vessel and design professional or a quality control fabrication manager, there’s never been a more critical time to ensure your entire team has the tools it needs to get the job done well. The world is changing, as is the design and welding industry, meaning your company needs to evolve to keep up in a digitalized and post-COVID-19 age.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the software solution your company must employ to experience success during turbulent and stable times, as well as how you can integrate a new software solution quickly and efficiently. 

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Why Employ Industry-Leading Design, Welding & Fabrication Software 

In our industry, leading software solutions should be able to do one thing: equip you to work the way you want to work. In order to do just that, here are the top four capabilities your design, welding & fabrication software solution should boast in 2020 and beyond:


Cloud-Based & On-Premise Capabilities

Your software solution should be available from multiple locations, whether your employees are onsite or they’re working remotely using cloud services. 

The fact is, a majority of employees are teleworking, which means databases and files must be easily accessible from hundreds or thousands of separate locations. Using a VPN can be cumbersome and difficult to set up, but premier cloud-based software can be up and running within a few hours.

As an added bonus, strong software companies should help you transfer your on-premise solution to the cloud quickly and painlessly, so your employees can continue their work without any interruptions.  


Quick & Easy Software Integration

In order to save time and eliminate risks, it’s crucial your company employ an integrated software solution capable of giving you the insight your company needs to succeed.

For example, if you manage your company’s welders, you may need to integrate information about your welders, specifically their qualifications between systems. Maybe you have someone at your company at the fabrication level who needs to see what welders are active, inactive, or unavailable for a project.

With quick & efficient software integration, you can easily access the critical information you need to determine which welders are available and who is qualified for specific projects. 


Real-Time Data & Information

When you employ the right software solution for managing your welding documentation, it enables you to access data in real-time.

Again, if you need to see which welders are qualified and available for a project, you can’t risk that the information you’re accessing is outdated. Avoid project delays, cost overruns, and inspection failures when you collaborate and work with accurate and timely data. 


Application Customization 

Often you’ll need to build customizations into your existing applications. A strong software solution can do just that!

For example, if you’re working with pressure vessel calculations and need to add exotic materials or custom supplemental calculations for your design, a premier software solution will have the tools that enable you to run various calculations with reliability and quality assurance.


Discover CEI’s Powerful Capabilities for the Welding Industry

As we mentioned, industry-leading design, welding, and fabrication software should do one thing: equip you to work the way you want to work. For most, that’s easier said than done, but not when you employ the ideal software solution.

When you’re ready to experience the four capabilities discussed in this blog, check out CEI’s powerful software solutions! While our current software suite boasts incredible value already, we’re in the process of launching a more advanced and capable integrated solution, perfect for your company’s needs. 


Before You Know It, You’ll Be Able To Use CEI’s Software To:

  • Communicate between your welding documents and your vessel data
  • Enable collaborative public-facing web first applications
  • Select welder information to see status and qualifications


In the meantime, enjoy the benefits of our current software solution, which enables PV design professionals or welding document managers (like yourself) to experience reliable and risk-free software that can be accessed from multiple locations and updated in real-time and with reliability.

With CEI software, your company will have the tools needed to complete projects in an ever-changing, digital world. Schedule a discovery demo to see how CEI Innovations Group can help you experience further success.


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