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The Advantages of Company-Wide Availability of Welder Continuity Logs

Keeping up with welder continuity logs can be a time-consuming process, and with various projects happening simultaneously, it can quickly become overwhelming. 

Your time is valuable, and we understand how much you have to juggle to ensure the qualifications of your welders and projects. Fortunately, CEI has solutions that help track your welders’ documentation across multiple locations. 


ProWrite software
allows you to manage your Welders Procedure Qualification (WPQ) and Continuity Records in a time-efficient manner. Plus, you can rely on the software to help ensure you’re assigning the right welder to the right task. The CEI Innovations Group can help you customize the software to capture additional welders’ information like training details, physical limitations, and automate updates by integrating with your HR or ERP systems.


Access to Welder Continuity Logs

The software also allows you and your team to view documents or records from any location. Let’s say that you’re based in Texas but managing a welding project that’s taking place in Colorado.

Instead of having to email welder continuity information and other documents, with ProWrite software, employees in both states can access and update the information needed. 


Updating Welder Continuity Logs 

Not only can you access the same records, but also make edits and updates as needed. 

Instead of emailing a document over to your team in Colorado and waiting to receive the updated document back, all team members who have access can update records and see everyone else’s updates in real-time. Not only does this improve efficiency but accuracy as well. With automation, we can update the welders’ continuity records directly from their timesheets and projects they are assigned to.

Depending on each team member’s position, employees may have different types of access to a record. Perhaps you’d like to be the only employee who updates certifications on the welder’s record, but can allow a field supervisor to update the continuity record for a welder. With CEI software, you can control who has permission to view, edit or create a document or record. 


Creating & Filtering Welder Reports 

You can also pull reports based on welder expirations, welder qualifications, and even defect percentages that are in the complete welder database. 

Perhaps, you need to pull a report of which welders have active qualifications in underwater welding. With ProWrite, you can filter reports for whatever information you’re looking for or use our quick WPS/Welder Analysis Tool and quickly know which of your welders is certified to do any type of project. 

Schedule your ProWrite  Discovery Demo with our CEI Innovations Group today to see how we can provide a custom solution to benefit your company corporate-wide.



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