How Finite Element Analysis on Nozzles Is Made Easy by NozzlePRO

Pressure Vessel Nozzle FEA has never been easier. We are proud to announce that PRG has joined the CEI family.

Our new native integration of NozzlePRO, now a software module in CEI's PVPT Design Suite, is a powerful FEA solution when combined with DesignCalcs and Finglow.

This is all part of the bold new investment in Paulin Research Group (PRG) by the industry-leading CEI family of companies. Not only does NozzlePRO provide the same FEA it’s known for, it’s now backed by the team at CEI, bringing financial strength to their digital vision for the future to the welding industry.

What Does Finite Element Analysis Mean For Pressure Vessel and Piping Design?

Finite element analysis or FEA refers to the process of solving complex calculations through advanced mathematical modeling. It’s used in design and fabrication for designing pressure vessels and piping, ensuring that the proper dimensions and welds are scoped into a design.

FEA as implemented in NozzlePRO is particularly helpful for engineers due to the simplicity it brings to engineering design and analysis when designing high-risk pressure vessel nozzle and piping designs. Having purpose-built FEA software helps reduce excessive material and fabrication costs while improving compliance with regulatory requirements.

What is NozzlePRO and Can It Import Data From Other Pressure Vessel Design Software Solutions?

NozzlePRO is an FEA software solution specifically designed for pressure vessel and piping design. It is compatible with many pressure vessel design products and has a native integration with the industry-leading CEI DesignCalcs product. NozzlePro also integrates with Codeware® COMPRESS™, Hexagon PV Elite®, Sant'Ambrogio Nextgen®, and Bentley AutoPipe Vessel. Finglow integration coming soon.

This is a significant upgrade over the limitations inherent to WRC 107/297 methods. NozzlePRO isn’t limited to dealing with methods only accurate across a small subset of ranges found in industrial applications. NozzlePRO capabilities are broadly applicable to a pantheon of commonly encountered engineering problems in the O&G, Chemical, Pharma, and many other industries. 


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Stay compliant with ASME Section VIII, Div.2 standards when using NozzlePRO to evaluate nozzles, saddles, pipe shoes, and clips quickly and easily. This FEA software allows you to design for a variety of hosts, including shell and head types:

  • Spherical
  • Elliptical
  • ASME
  • Dished
  • Cylindrical
  • Conical

With NozzlePRO, you’re able to include thermal, weight, operating, occasional, pressure, wind and earthquake loads, all with comprehensive ASME code compliance reports.

NozzlePRO 3D FEA Tools

Utilize all the best modules for rapid 3D modeling with NozzlePRO, including:

  • Detailed material database MatPRO
  • API579 fitness-for-service (FFS)
  • High-temperature creep-fatigue interaction (ASME Section III Subsection NH)
  • FE107 and FESIF
  • Advanced SIF calculation according to ST-LLC 07-02 PRG/ASME report

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In addition to axisymmetric elements, NozzlePRO allows you to use brick FEA elements as well, so you can get a more accurate analysis of cyclic pressure stresses in the thick-walled intersections, including geometries not directly amenable to shell solutions such as non-integral repads and overturning moments on skirts. Brick capabilities also provide basic steady-state and transient heat transfer calculations with the automatic positioning of Stress Classification Lines (SCL).

NozzlePRO includes piping elements to evaluate the effect of pipe thermal expansion on the nozzles. This capability results in a much more accurate evaluation of loads and displacements on the nozzle and in the piping system. Also included is an analysis of straight sections, elbows, bends, intersections, and linear restraints.

I Use Codeware® COMPRESS™. Where Did NozzlePRO Go?

Codeware ended its partnership with PRG prior to PRG and CEI joining forces and no longer supports FEA analysis functionality natively.

But with our PVPT Design Suite, we offer XML and JSON capabilities so that you can now import data from COMPRESS™ into our modules to take advantage of the most powerful FEA capabilities in the industry. What's more, while utilizing FEA capabilities, you can have access to our deeper, inherent integration within the PVPT Design Suite that includes ASME Section VIII Div 1, ASME Section VII Div 2, PD 5500 and EN 13445 codes.

So not only can the PVPT Design Suite import Codeware® COMPRESS™ models, it can also perform WRC 297/107 and FEA calculations on any supported, present nozzle.

Learn More About NozzlePRO

In addition, NozzlePRO Vessel Link adds FEA capabilities for structural attachments to vessels such as clips, lifting lugs, and support lugs. NozzlePRO Vessel Link also performs a complete nozzle evaluation by including loads through the vessel and the nozzle/attachment simultaneously, a capability never before available to COMPRESS™ users.

NozzlePRO Vessel Link also enables the import of data from other pressure vessel design applications

Where Can I Learn More About NozzlePRO and Pressure Equipment FEA?

Whether you’re a current Codeware® Compress customer, use CEI’s DesignCalcs or Finglow, or are interested in learning more about NozzlePRO’s benefits in performing an FEA far more easily than in any other product, you can learn more by scheduling a discovery call with CEI.


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We’ll work with you to determine how NozzlePRO can work with your existing pressure vessel design software solutions and ensure every component is ASME-compliant.

Written by CEI

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