Generate Rapid Pressure Vessel Design Quotes With Our Wizard

The ability to rapidly prototype and quote code compliant pressure vessel design variations provides a competitive advantage for companies that have access to this capability.

The engineering team at CEI is making this key feature available in new releases of their DesignCalcs Pressure Vessel Design software. The Quick Vessel Wizard allows the user to create an initial vessel in 60 seconds, or less, by quickly choosing both head types, entering shell length, setting all dimensions and then inserting the number of nozzles needed with initial dimensions.  Code compliance can be rapidly evaluated utilizing different operating pressures and temperatures.

Being able to look at various design options quickly, is very useful when evaluating options with a client and trying to determine the best path forward. We have identified seven major benefits that accrue when you take advantage of the Design Wizard for your next pressure vessel design project. 


1. Initial Configuration

Very easily establish variations of initial configuration of the design for material costs and fabrication labor estimates. Multiple runs can be made in less than an hour and the variants compared for the best fit for the job or condition. Quick bid response can be critical when response time is of the essence.


2. Temperature

The input of temperature for both internal and external maximums are entered from a single form and automatically referenced utilizing the proper calculations.


3. Pressure

The input of pressure for both internal and external psi maximums are entered from a single form and automatically utilized in calculations to generate the minimum material thickness, according to the vessel size and code requirements.


4. Nozzles


Nozzles can be entered by size and the number of nozzles on each component. You can select to include with or without rated flanges. These get arranged in default locations but are easily adjustable later in the pressure vessel design process. It serves to quickly get a passing design for material and time estimates for the job.


5. Heads

Both top and bottom heads of the standard types are entered very quickly with a pick list, and you can also include the number of nozzles per head. These can then be re-arranged at a later point in the design process. This saves significant time.


6. Shell

Inserting the shell diameter and material thickness and number of nozzles is a snap with the pressure vessel design wizard. Simply key in the length and diameter and the number of nozzles you’d like on the shell. You’re 80% there in 60 seconds.


7. Quick Estimates

If you need to evaluate a dozen different pressure vessel designs, it can be done in as little as 12 minutes. You’ll have material and labor estimates for each, and it will be according to code.


Watch the Vessel Wizard in action. Click here to view the 60 second video!

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Written by CEI

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