Pressure Vessel Code Training Over Design, MDMT, & Fabrication

When working with pressure vessel code, it's sometimes difficult to know where to find the most current information in an industry that's continuously evolving and codes that are ever-changing. Furthermore, knowing how to apply the latest code changes to pressure vessel and heat exchanger designs increases an engineer's value. Understanding how pressure vessel design software can be used to accelerate design efficiency and improve quality makes pressure vessel engineers indispensable to their companies.

Pressure Vessel Code training Over Design, MDMT, & Fabrication Reason

However, staying abreast of the constant flow of new information can be difficult and time-consuming. Luckily, there’s a way to make this task easier. DesignCalcs software will aid you in your design projects to meet code. Now, you can also gain ASME VIII Division 1 one-on-one coaching from industry experts while adding even more knowledge of DesignCalcs software.

CEI and OneCIS are putting together a conference that will include industry insights, as well as access to the thought leaders in the pressure vessel industry. The conference will cover ASME Section VIII, Div 1 covering design, MDMT, and some pressure vessel fabrication requirements. Attendees can learn all the needed and new industry information and ask questions.


Conference Details

The conference is a 3-day combined OneCIS Seminar and CEI DesignCalcs Training. OneCIS will present a one and ½ day seminar, and workshop on ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 covering design, MDMT, and some fabrication requirements. CEI will finish the remaining time with DesignCalcs fundamental training.


Price: $1,975 per person

*20 attendees minimum for the session to be booked – funds will be returned if the minimum is not reached

Date: Nov 11 – 13th

Place: Courtyard by Marriott, Blue Springs, MO


What You’ll Walk Away With

During the conference, experts will provide hands-on learning opportunities to hone your skills and help you complete your projects with both efficiency and confidence. Presenters will also show new capabilities for DesignCalcs Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger design software. The conference will include an open forum that all attendees can participate in to discuss the ever-changing pressure vessel code.


CEI Presenters

Michael Clark, PE

Mike earned his BSME in 2003 and received his license in 2008. He has had a seat on the Subgroup Heat Transfer Equipment since 2004 and is now the Secretary of the group. Mike's other involvements in the coding community include peer review on ASME PTB-3 and PTB-4 and validation of the design by rule (part 4) method for Division 2 when it was rewritten for the 2007 publication. Michael has authored multiple code revisions including changes to the tube sheet shear stress method and the kettle shell method. Mike has been with CEI since 2002.

Tiradej Bunyarattaphantu, EIT

Tiradej earned his BSME and EIT in 2014 and is currently pursuing his license. He has been involved with ASME BPV code since starting as a full-time employee in 2015. He is the junior engineer at CEI and works directly with Mike Clark on DesignCalcs. He currently sits on the Subgroup on Heat Transfer Equipment and actively writes and reviews changes to the ASME BPV code.


OneCIS Presenters

Paul T Shanks

As a Technical Consultant Mr. Shanks is responsible for checking the technical content of customer PED applications as well as the supporting ASME calculations. Mr. Shanks as a PED Level 3 has responsibility for reviewing technical documentation for level 2’s as well as providing authorization signature for PED certificates.

William D. Tillman

Mr. Tillman has 40 years of experience in ASME Codes as an Authorized Inspector, Authorized Nuclear Inspector, Authorized Inspector Supervisor and Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisor.  He has worked as a Third Party Inspector and was certified as an API-510 Inspector. Mr. Tillman has been teaching ASME Codes for 36 years.


How to Reserve Your Spot

To sign up for the conference, please use the OneCIS and CEI Training Seminar link or click on the below image. Fill out the form on the link, and CEI will follow up through email with an invoice for payment. Once the payment is confirmed, your registration will be complete! We look forward to seeing you at our conference.

Written by CEI

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