Losing Track of Time? Integrate Tracking & Avoid Letting Welders Expire

Surprised and frustrated by finding out that the welder's qualification you were counting on to complete a project was actually expired? This is a common problem in the welding fabrication industry. 

An integration between your welding documentation software and your timesheets, work order and/or fabrication tracking and scheduling systems can alleviate this frustration and more! 

Simply put: high-performing welding and fabrication software for managing your documents saves you time and effort by removing redundant data collection. This means, rather than spending admin time and resubmitting data into different systems, your job simply becomes one of approving and validating the data that is compiled automatically.

What does this mean? It means your time isn’t spent doing redundant busy-work. It means welder continuity entries are created automatically. It means you’re easily able to identify welding procedures and link them to your welders qualification records. When you get an alert of a pending issue, you simply address them proactively rather than being pulled into a fabrication scheduling crisis. Integrating with other systems means data that used to bog you down is now at the fingertips of the other users/departments that need it. 

Gain the Control You Deserve Over Your Welding Projects

Automated entry and integration puts you back in control of your welding project. Easily monitor your Welder Performance Qualification Records (WPQR’s) and Welder Continuity Records, making the right decisions that ensure welder continuity expiration is not an issue. Imagine the peace of mind you will have when this easy to overlook administrative task is completed automatically by integrations while you enjoy a proper reporting notification. See for yourself when you take advantage of a personalized demo of CEI’s weld procedure software, ProWrite.




Written by CEI

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