Integrate PV Design with Welding & Fabrication Software to Reduce Costs

As you design a vessel, foremost in your mind is the awareness that failure to comply with ASME Section IX coding standards can result in costly repercussions. The weld management and the design aspects, however, are not done in a vacuum, unrelated to each other. You have to consider the design of the welds and examination in the cost of fabrication, as well as the fact that they also have a clear effect on the design in terms of the joining efficiency penalty on the allowable stress. 

To successfully deliver a pressure vessel or heat exchanger you not only need to design it and make sure you have the materials to build it, you also need to make sure you have PQR backed WPS's to weld it to code. Finally, you must make sure you have welders qualified with WPQ's that can fabricate this equipment. 

With that being said, why not have your design, welding, and fabrication systems integrated with each other?

While you know the P-number and the thickness of the material you’re putting together, a high-performing weld procedure software, like ProWrite, can also determine your WPS’s for you. It can also help you select the right welder for the job by giving you insight into which of your welders are qualified for the particular job, and which welders need the job to avoid certification expiration. 

Gain the insight you need into your pressure vessel design process. Save time and avoid mistakes by integrating your software with CEI’s Design Innovations Integrations.


Written by CEI

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