How Fitness-for-Service is Made Easy by the PVPT Design Suite

Having trouble performing finite element analysis or fitness-for-service on pressure vessels, pipes or tanks?

With our recent integration with Paulin Research Group, we now offer an array of software modules that allow you to perform finite element analysis and fitness-for-service easier and less time consuming than ever before. A blending of NozzlePRO and FEPipe capabilities and DesignCalcs and Finglow capabilities in part make up the PVPT Design Suite, which can service compliance requirement needs in the O&G, Chemical, Pharma, and many other industries.

Performing finite element analysis and fitness-for-service is extremely common for engineers who are tasked with designing high-risk pressure vessel nozzles, piping and tanks. With NozzlePRO and FEPipe, having purpose-built FEA software with fitness-for-service capabilities helps reduce excessive material and fabrication costs while staying compliant and meeting regulatory requirements.

NozzlePRO is an FEA software module specifically designed for pressure vessel and piping design. FEPipe is a multi-component FEA solution that allows you to calculate a higher level of fitness-for-service (FFS) than any other solution in the industry that includes local thinning and crack analysis in addition to inspection data management and easy-to-read automatic ASME stress reports.

What Does Fitness-for-Service Mean for PVPT Design?

The main objective of a fitness-for-service or FFS analysis is to evaluate flaws or cracks in usually pressurized or otherwise loaded components to determine if they can remain in service over time. By its nature, performing FFS is intended to be conservative, which can help you stay compliant and design equipment apart from cracks or buckling. But that takes time, training and money.

With NozzlePRO and FEPipe, a deeper level of FFS analysis is made easy by our solutions with already built-in FEA capabilities. Our PVPT Design Suite of modules can provide the core analysis needed when performing a Level 3 fitness-for-service analysis (as per API 579) on a vessel, tank or a piping component like this reinforcing pad shown below.

Corrosion and reinforcing a pad

How FEPipe and NozzlePRO Perform Accurate Fitness-for-Service on Global and Local Thin Areas

Customers who have access to our PVPT Design Suite can easily compute stresses on a crack or thin area of a newly created and dedicated FEA model or from a DesignCalcs or Finglow design file.

With elastic-plastic and non-linear FEA solvers, NozzlePRO and FEPipe determine the most accurate nominal stress states–meaning they help you determine the most compliant, yet cost-effective geometries and materials needed to design your vessel or component. What's more, the software allows you to perform a variety of crack or buckling simulations to perform a higher-level FFS analysis with only a few clicks.

Thickness calculation of a vessel

Can NozzlePRO and FEPipe Import Data From Other Pressure Vessel Design Software Solutions?

NozzlePRO and FEPipe are compatible with many pressure vessel design products and are natively integrated with CEI's DesignCalcs and Finglow. They are also compatible with Codeware® COMPRESS™, Hexagon PV Elite®, Sant'Ambrogio Nextgen® and Bentley AutoPipe Vessel.

I Use Codeware® COMPRESS™. How Can I Perform FEA?

Codeware ended its partnership with PRG prior to PRG and CEI joining forces and no longer supports FEA analysis functionality natively.

But with our PVPT Design Suite, we offer XML and JSON capabilities so that you can now import data from COMPRESS™ into our modules to take advantage of the most powerful FEA capabilities in the industry. What's more, while utilizing FEA capabilities, you can have access to our deeper, inherent integration within the PVPT Design Suite that includes ASME Section VIII Div 1, ASME Section VII Div 2, PD 5500 and EN 13445 codes.

So not only can the PVPT Design Suite import Codeware® COMPRESS™ models, it can also perform WRC 297/107 and FEA calculations on any supported, present nozzle.

Learn More About Our PVPT Design Suite

Are You Code Compliant?

Now that NozzlePRO and FEPipe are modules within the PVPT Design Suite, they have native integrations with CEI's DesignCalcs and Finglow modules. Thus, bringing an extra level of code compliance capabilities to your designs. With this integration, you can easily and quickly check nozzles, saddles, pipe shoes, and clips as well as shell models and brick models against ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 and 2 standards within minutes. With this integration, our PVPT Design Suite provides you with:

  • Templated designs to perform easier FEA analysis on pressure vessels and heat exchangers
  • 2D and 3D FEA analysis for nozzles, saddles, pipe shoes, clips and other geometries
  • Reports that are automatically generated for ASME code compliance

NozzlePRO and FEPipe account for thermal, weight, operating, occasional, pressure, wind and earthquake loads so that compliance requirement needs in the O&G, Chemical, Pharma, and many other industries can be found within CEI's PVPT Design Suite.

Learn More About Our PVPT Design Suite

Why Consider CEI's PVPT Design Suite?

It's simple. Our PVPT Design Suite can perform FEA and FFS far more easily than any other product.

So, whether you’re a current Codeware® COMPRESS™ customer, already using CEI’s DesignCalcs or Finglow modules or are interested in learning more about our PVPT Design Suite, schedule a discovery call with us today.

We’ll work with you to determine how our suite of products can work with your existing pressure vessel design software solutions to ensure every component is cost-effective and ASME-compliant.

Written by CEI

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