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Insight on Q1 2023 ASME Code Updates

Every quarter, our representatives sit in on the latest ASME code meetings to keep our software current and to help our customers navigate through any pressure equipment updates.

This blog captures a synopsis of the Q1 2023 ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code meetings hosted by the American Welding Society (AWS) in Miami during the week of February 6-9, 2023.

Section IX and VIII Committee Meeting Insights

During February 6-9, our representatives Michael Clark, PE and Tiradej Bunyarattaphuantu, PE attended:

  • Section IX Committee Meetings:
    • Subgroup on Welding Qualifications
    • Subgroup on General Requirements
    • BPV Committee on Welding, Brazing, & Fusing
  • Section VIII Committee Meetings:
    • Working Group on Design by Analysis (virtual)
    • Subgroup on Design (of which Michael Clark is a member)
    • Task Group on Fired Heater Pressure Vessels
    • Subgroup on Heat Transfer Equipment (of which Michael Clark is the Vice Chair and Tiradej Bunyarattaphantu is a member)
    • BPV Committee on Pressure Vessels

Meeting Takeaways

Of those meetings, here are some insights:

  • The ASME Reshape Project is working on having a partial implementation of moving the design rules to Division 2 only with changes to UHX and Appendix 26 for the 2023 code edition. More changes will be made to the 2025 code edition.
  • Progress is being made towards incorporating rules around additive manufacturing into Section VIII and Section IX. Creep range material properties are being gathered from filler metal manufacturers and are being used for material incorporation into the codes.
  • The Subgroup on Design is looking into incorporating ASCE 7 loads into UG-22 for loadings like Table 4.1.2 in Division 2.
  • The Task Group on Fired Heater Pressure Vessels is going to be releasing a Code Case in 2023 that gives rules around designing a heater treater.
  • The Section IX Subgroup on General Requirements has an open item to remove the term “minimum leak path” in QW-193.1(a).
  • The Subgroup on Heat Transfer Equipment is developing rules for elliptical heads that are welded to tubesheets. Proposed changes to the testing rules for combination units are currently in the works.
  • The Working Group on Design by Analysis that reports to the Subgroup on Design has approved a completely re-written Part 5.4 – Protection Against Failure from Buckling in Division 2 Part 5.

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Important Upcoming Events

Stay connected with the latest upcoming events. Check out CEI’s calendar of events for future activities, or learn more about past code updates by reading previous blog posts from our engineers.

Here's a look at the future ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code events and important updates:


The Q2 2023 ASME BPV Code meetings will be a joint meeting with the National Board during the week of May 14-19, 2023 at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

These meetings will include further communication about the Reshape Project Scope.

From the Experts You Can Trust

The information provided in this blog comes from our lead engineers at CEI, Michael Clark and Tiradej Bunyarattaphantu.

Michael Clark has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and is licensed in Missouri. He has been a part of CEI for 20 years and had been involved in the ASME code since 2004. He currently sits on the SGHTE and SGD for BPV VIII. He helps drive improvements and integrations in the CEI and PRG catalog of products.

Tiradej has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Missouri. He has been a part of CEI for 10 years and has been involved in the ASME code since 2015. He currently sits on SGHTE for BPV VIII. 


Written by CEI

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