Control: The Crux of Welding Document Management

Any given welding project can be seriously hampered or delayed when there’s a loss of revision control due to poor edit control procedures. To avoid critical ASME, AWS, API, NAVSEA, and other code compliance issues, you need full control of who is making changes and you need to have a full understanding of what those changes affect. To maintain control, you need a welding document management system in place that you can rely on as your single source of truth.

It is crucial your welding and fabrication document management systems alert you when such changes are made and by whom. For example, not everyone on your welding team needs access to all your documents to make edits. Additionally, not all people with the authority to make changes should be doing so at any time. This is why it’s pivotal your document management system provides you with the controls over who makes changes and when, with built-in accountability.

This sense of revision control over welding documents and fabrication processes is exactly what you can expect when you deploy CEI’s welding project management solution. Our innovative software automatically informs and publishes document PDFs anytime a change is made to assure everyone is operating with the most recent changes. Additionally, CEI allows you to set parameters on who can observe and change documents, whether that be by your team, or even extending that to your customers.

Lock and set documents so that revisions are controlled. When changes are made, a note is automatically sent to the next person in a workflow chain so that no time is wasted. With CEI’s solutions you can expect to always have up-to-date welding procedures and documentation for your pressure vessel, heat exchanger, or other welding project. Never worry about being on the wrong revision again!


Written by CEI

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