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How To Save Time & Reduce Costs On All of Your Welding Projects

What are the labor costs of your average welding project? How do you limit the labor costs involved to increase profitability? Can you quickly confirm how many new procedures you’ll need to qualify? Are you losing welding jobs because your bids are too high?

One of the things that can erode your project profitability is for the welders working on the project to have their qualifications lapse due to incomplete continuity records. If your project is completed by a welder without the correct or up-to-date qualifications, governing code standards mandate it should be grounded out and re-welded. As such, how much profitability are you actuallying losing due to doubled labor time and requalification costs? 

While you may be tracking actual labor time on your timesheets, work orders, project management, or ERP systems, how are you tracking your welder’s continuity—old fashioned paper or spreadsheets? Is it cumbersome or sometimes easy to forget to manually update your records? With the right software solutions, you can be reminded of upcoming welder qualification expirations or even simply integrate your continuity records with other systems you’re already using to automate the update of the continuity records. Think of it like this: how much money can you save if you never waste money re-qualifying welders and never incur qualification test costs, including additional materials or experience grind-out costs associated with welder discontinuity?


Easily Trim Unnecessary Costs Associated & Duplicate Procedures on Welding Projects

How are you inspecting and ranking your welders today? Wouldn’t you like a system that captures inspection results on the continuity records and calculates the defect percentage for you, allowing you to assign training tasks to welders who need additional help with certain procedures?

The right pressure vessel and design software helps you trim unnecessary costs stemming from duplicate procedures. With the right software, you can quickly search and find already qualified procedures that match a new project so you’ll never waste time creating a new one. Easily avoid the costs associated with getting a new procedure tested and documented and use your welders who are already qualified to win more bids and keep your costs low!

Because the welding and pressure vessel design industry is so heavily-regulated, properly understanding Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS’s), Procedure Qualification Records (PQR’s), Welder Procedure Qualification Records (WPQR’s) and Continuity records will equate to success. 

With the right pressure vessel and design software, you’ll experience:
  • timely pressure vessel design
  • efficient construction & completion
  • limited testing downtime for welders & supervisors
  • cost-savings 

Simply put: The costs and terms of your welding project resolution significantly outweigh the costs and terms of early quality assurance. 


Save Time & Money With Software Integration

The single, most-effective way to save money throughout your welding projects is by integrating your welding documentation and fabrication software programs. How does this work? When your software—whether HR, project management, or design and construction—is integrated into your documentation software, you gain the confidence that your data—no matter when it’s accessed—is up-to-date. This means everyone on your team has access to and is interacting with a single source of truth, and no one works with old information or out-of-date designs. Integration saves your team time and reduces errors. 


Experience Greater Success with Integrated Software for Pressure Vessel Design & Welding Documentation

Saving time and money while reducing errors is exactly what you can expect with CEI’s suite of software solutions for pressure vessel design and welding documentation. You can’t afford to be set back by easily preventable mistakes that can cost your company millions of dollars in lost time and material on welding projects.

By integrating your pressure vessel and welding documentation software into your project workflows, you can:
  • make the latest project and design documents available to anyone who needs them.
  • link the welds to your procedures.
  • be notified of procedures already in your system or ones that need to be created.
  • help with the project assignment of available welders who are already qualified or need a continuity record update.
  • help you see scheduling conflicts that need to be addressed to keep the project on time.



Getting Started With CEI's Software Solutions

CEI’s software is always up-to-date with the most recent code revisions. Our software can save companies millions of dollars by helping businesses, like yours, assign the right welder, at the right time, with the right specs, making sure your project is done on time and up-to-code. How much could CEI’s solutions save you through system integration? 

Check out our ROI calculator to get an idea of your return-on-investment when using a software solution! Once you’ve discovered the cost savings, check out all our great software solutions and discover where you can reduce costly errors through improved process management.


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