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A Summary of 2021 ASME Section IX Code Changes

While the majority of 2021 ASME code changes came from Section VIII and the addition of Appendix 47, Section IX had some changes as well, notably in the form of QW - 400 revisions.

For the most part, these changes make compliance easier by relieving requirements on qualifications and, therefore, form documentation. As a whole, this makes WPS qualification much easier.

Changes to QW and ASME Section IX Tables

Compliance is easier now thanks to the 2021 code revisions. Here’s how:

  • QW-410.12 and QW-404.7 have been deleted from Section IX
    • This removes certain requirements on qualification
  • QW-403.10 and QW-404.32 were removed from Table QW-255
    • Essential variables have been removed from the GMAW short circuit
    • This removes some variables on coupon and weld metal thickness when writing your WPS
  • QW-304 now allows for volumetric NDE for P-No. 61 and P-No.62 when using the GTAW method


In addition to these, materials were added to both the base metals and filler metals.

NOTE: If you are using DesignCalcs Pressure Vessel Design software, material additions have already been implemented into the program.


Other Changes to ASME Section IX

If you’re looking for where to find the 2021 changes in your codebook, you won’t find them in the normal spot in the front of the code book. Rather, to find all the 2021 changes summarized, you’ll need to go to document BPVC.SSC.VIII.XII.II.V.IX-2021. This document makes understanding the code changes that impact your work much easier.

Coming Revision to Pressure Technology Bulletins 3 and 4

Currently, ASME PTB-3 and PTB-4 are based on the 2013 editions of Section VIII, Divisions 1 and 2.  There is a new edition for each bulletin that is in the works based on the latest code changes and material properties from the 2021 editions of the ASME code books.


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Written by Tiradej Bunyarattaphantu

Tiradej is an Engineer in Training at CEI who has been working for the company since 2013. He works on DesignCalcs customer support, expanding the feature set for DesignCalcs, and augmenting the CEI automated QA.

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