Searching for a way to more easily create your pressure vessels to code?

DesignCalcs and Finglow Enterprise can enhance your productivity and efficiency while ensuring compliance with ASME, PD, and EN safety codes.

  • Provide access to all your engineers to review, edit, and sign-off on any design.
  • Use SQL Server option to store files in easy to access and search database
  • Customize by adding supplemental calculations to your designs.
  • Link to external systems to pull design information across multiple platforms


Enterprise Custom Solutions

Are you ready to discover how the Design Innovations Group can help you and your company?
  • Asset 3 What to Expect

    Learn what to expect during a discovery demo in less than 30 seconds.

  • Asset 2 A Solution Across Locations

    Learn how your engineers across multiple locations can collaborate and create workflow assignments on your pressure vessel designs.

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  • Asset 1 A Custom Solution

    See the customization and integration capabilities of DesignCalcs or Finglow Enterprise.

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DesignCalcs & Finglow Enterprise with Support from CEI

An experienced team of industry experts will walk you and your team through every step of implementation
and recommend the best practices that CEI has developed over the last 20 years.
  • Asset 6 Discovery Demo

    Discover how the Design Innovation Group can reduce administrative time with integrations and automation.

  • Asset 5 Talk with Your Team

    Talk to your team about how DesignCalcs and Finglow Enterprise can making it easier to plan your next project by saving time and improving profitability

  • Asset 4 Implementation

    Availability of assistance to transfer existing databases to get you up and running quickly.